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TMJ Evaluation for Jaw Pain

 What is TMJ and Jaw Pain?

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint. This is the joint where the condylar head of the mandible (lower jaw) articulates with the base of the skull. The joint space itself is called the glenoid fossa. This joint is named for its anatomical location and as you may know is extremely important in opening your mouth, chewing, and lower lateral jaw movement. A lot of patients experience popping or clicking in the TMJ. This is actually normal in 70%-80% of the population, but is considered abnormal if it is associated with any jaw pain or discomfort.

At your initial consultation, you will take a 3D Xray also known as a CBCT Xray. This radiograph will allow Dr. Patino to evaluate the hard tissue of the TMJ.  He will review the current health of your jaw joint and shape of your condyles.

Jaw pain can be triggered by the way your teeth come into contact. In some cases orthodontic treatment can help eliminate frequent jaw discomfort. Find more information from UCSF here. 

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